The project


“Clean, green future through STEM sports clubs” is a European partnership of seven VET schools and educational organizations who will develop “STEM clubs” as a new learning and teaching method for STEM based motivation, orientation, preparation and dropout prevention in VET. It is intended as an ongoing leisure activity, as entertaining as sport for young students aged from 10 up to 18 years. All valuable results will be available for other European regions who face comparable challenges.

Project Activities


In order to help students primarily from class 11-12 find their best choice in the maze of higher education offers, the Öveges Students’ Laboratory organizes tours in the laboratory. Due to these tours students may try out the tips and tricks of assembling, testing, as well as they can experience how a 3D printer is working and thus be part of the planning phase, too.


STEM in Chemnitz/Germany
LEGO Mindstorms’

The weekly robotics workshop is based on the LEGO Mindstorms system. On the level of their age participants get new skills for the development of a product. Based on the task to develop, build and program an own specialised robot they learn more about all necessary steps for implementation.




As part of the STEM project and the activities of the STEM club in Srednja škola Dugo Selo, the students had the task of making an electronic circuit, ie it was necessary to read the circuit, connect the circuit and then write the software. The topic of the task is to read analog signal values using an Arduino Uno and calculate the voltage equivalent.