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H - Kecskemét

Key nouns technique, contest, cooperation

Main theme  Climate change - what could we do?

STEM area  S,T,E,M

Kind of activity

STEM initiative

Description Talented students from class 10 (age range 15-16) are invited to these club sessions where they can take part in laboratory experiments, field study tours, plant visits and excursions covering all fields of science and technology all through the academic year. Parents of these students are also welcome to the laboratory to experience interactive workshops.


Approach As there is a science laboratory in our school, it is evident to oragnize such clubs and opportunities for students of our school and also from other intitutions. The lab is built in a modern way where the big room can be separated into two smaller sections, and students can work in teams or pairs. Due to its digital facilities computer science workshops can be carried out here too. 
Students are monitored and tutored by teachers and experts. The clubs can provide the opportunity to communicate and cooperate with other fellow students. Through this club talented students are helped to further improve their knowledge and attitudes, develop new skills such as individual work or carrying out scientific research, and furthermore raising awareness towards climate change and environmental problems. 
Students are also provided with the possibility to cooperate with university professors and departments either at the lab or during their visits to different universities. 

H - Kecskemét

Piaristák tere 5.

6000 Kecskemét


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