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IT  Italy, Rovigo

Key nouns technique, contest, cooperation

Main theme  t2i Business Start Up & Certified Incubator

STEM area  T, E

Kind of activity

STEM club

It is physical space. You can find services to start your own business,  It provides spaces, equipment and services, it offers also laboratories and activities for Schools. 

Description The t2i certified business incubator offers a physical space and a series of integrated services to start your own business by reducing risk and costs, to maximize profit and success. It provides spaces, equipment and services at favorable conditions, in order to reduce the costs deriving from the start-up of the business, acting as an accelerator of the business path, supporting the startuppers in a mentoring and tutoring process. It delivers in connectiong with POPLAB (a very equipped FabLab) several activities and laboratories to Schools and VET providers.


Approach In the t2i incubator there are several facilities and machinery to be used with pupils: laser cut machines, water jet machine, 3D printer, for example. We  can propose service design laboratories and then try to apply in real contest to prepare a prototype. All activities are prepared in advance with the School and therefore higly personalised by our team. Also, since there are many startups hosted, students can find a very favorable climate and milieu.

Area Cen.Ser.

– Viale Porta Adige,

45 – 45100 Rovigo (RO)

Fabio Franceschetti


​IT  Italy, Legnago (Verona)

Key nouns technique, contest, cooperation

Main theme Palestre Digitali - Digital Gyms Innovation                                Lab Space13 Legnago  

STEM area  S, T, E, M

Kind of activity

STEM club

A place where people af all age meet, discuss, try and test STEM activities.

Description Digital Gyms are 13 nodes of the Innovation Lab Space13 network in the Legnago area, aimed at meeting the needs and point of contact with citizens, students so to provide services, assistance and information referred to Digital Transformation & STEM activities. 


Approach You can find: service design laboratories, information speeches, one to one consultancy. The idea is that it is crucial to meet the citizens from the bottom so to inform them on the novelties of the technology and digital transformation. This bottom up approach is mediated by t2i experts and collaborators. Services and laboratories are offered to Schools and VET providers in extracurricular lab sessions.

 Via Giovanni Vicentini 4

 37045 Legnago (Verona)


IT  Italy, Verona

Key nouns technique, contest, cooperation

Main theme  Recycle Lab 

                         New technologies for circular economy

STEM area  S, T, E

Kind of activity

STEM club

Description Recycle LAB was born at first as a street animation proposal, which sees young people as protagonists in laboratory activities, aiming at environmental sustenibility thanks to the use of new technologies and waste material. It offers 8 workshops lasting 2.5 hours to learn how to recycle plastic, make paper, and regenerate waste with new technologies such as 3D printing, laser tag and robotics. Labs target young people and adolescents and the facilitators are all under 35.


Approach Inspired by UN Agenda 2030, in 2020 the Recycle LAB project was born for spreading environmental education through digital fabrication in public spaces of the territory. With the cooperation of different organisations, the whole project was developed to have zero ecological impact because the laboratories are moved around the area via cargo e-bikes. 
Fondazione Edulife, the lead partner of the project, has trained over 50 facilitators in the last 2 years digital under 35 for the design and construction of new workshops on integral sustainability issues. Recycle lab has been supplying the Verona and Vicenza areas since 2020 with more than 180 workshops. The project is become a supra-regional format with the involvement of the territories of Mantua, Belluno and Ancona. 

Lungadige Galtarossa, 21,

37133 Verona VR (ITALY)

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