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“e-Learning tutorial material for educators in STEM” which“e-Learning tutorial material for educators in STEM” which will ensure quality training of volunteers who want to establish STEM clubs. will ensure quality training of volunteers who want to establish STEM clubs.


          The South Bohemian Company for Development of Human Resources

Description (limited – 750 characters: content, target group, time, duration, etc.) The competition Talents for Companies is an one day contest for pupils, students of VET schools and a capitan from a company. They must cooperate in the building of an assigned task using a technician bulding kit Merkur. The target is to support technique and learn the children to cooperate in teams.


Approach (limited – 1500 characters, description of creative “idea”, inspirations) The T-profi competition is focused on popularization of technical education and digital skills. Teams work

with the MERKUR polytechnic kit and, according to the assignment, which is different every year, they also work with the BBC microcomputer

micro:bit. The competition has already taken place in seven years. Technical skill is not the only criterion for successfully mastering the task. Within one team, they must 

3 elementary school pupils (5th grade), 3 secondary school pupils (2nd grade) and the team is led by a representative from the company. Team

They must effectively manage communication and cooperation.

A total of 12 teams compete, including 10 South Bohemian teams (across the districts of the South Bohemian Region) and 2 teams from abroad

(usually from Upper Austria).

Jihočeská společnost pro rozvoj lidských zdrojů, o.p.s.

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