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Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

The STEM concept is a comprehensive system for a long-term science investment.

Through STEM, the students are ensured access to practical teaching in line with the current curriculum.

The innovative contents of STEM are:

•     ICT based tools

•     modern mobility

•     renewable energy

•     environment protection

The European Union promoted STEM by Erasmus +



The target groups for the STEM concept are:

•     Young learners and

•     Voluntary educators

What defines STEM?

•     The project adopts the model of the regular and well-known sports clubs and wants to adapt the structural background of the

       sport training system to the STEM learning approaches (STEM training).

•     The resulting method, STEM club, is intended to strengthen the structures of voluntary engagements in extracurricular STEM

       activities and give the young participants sustainable skills for their future in accordance with the UN sustainability goals.

 Or as we say:

“Clean green future through STEM sport club”

And remember:

“STEM is the way!”


 How does STEM work?

•     By connecting to the STEM platform, coaches/teachers gain access to the networks' resources, such as teaching modules by

       e-learning tutorial material.

•     Learning by doing and reflection through commitment, expertise, and experience.

Those are all shared in the platform.

There will also be some resources to motivate students to be interested in STEM.

Why use a sport concept?

•     The project aims to make a significant contribution to the development of regional STEM clubs based on the structures of

       sports clubs.

•     It will show the opportunities for innovative and modern content.

•     It will attract volunteer educators who are implementing practical training activities and who improve their own competences

       of methodology, tools, resources, and innovative approaches.

•     The method of STEM clubs will also attract young participants and give them a sustainable basis for their future.

•     By joining a STEM club, young individuals get necessary experiences.

•     Regarding their career decisions it is an ongoing process.


What is the meaning with STEM?

•     Gathering of young learners who are interested in all the STEM topics.

•     Preventing dropout from VET schools.

This because of:

•     new learning and teaching methods

•     innovative and modern content

•     sustainable basis for the future

•     practical training activities

•     better career decisions

•     a sport mentality

•     and off course:

 clean green future!

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