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Multiplier event in Hungary

11. December 2023

Multiplier event in Hungary
Multiplier event in Hungary

Time & Location

11. December 2023

Kecskemét, Kecskemét, Hungary

About the event

This multiplier event was held by Piarista Iskola in Kecskemét, Hungary.

The multiplier event offered the opportunity for the city leaders, the county chamber of commerce and industry (CCI), businesses, public education and VET institutions to personally experience the different clubs organized in STEM fields in our Öveges Student‘s Lab as well as our workshop (Unimat tools, Infento kit, robotics, chemistry lab exercise, Lego and Arduino robots).

City leaders emphasized that the primary goal of the city is to make Kecskemét innovative and forward-looking that is why it is important to create partnerships and alliances that serve this goal and establish the legitimacy of the clubs created by the student labs.

They can make a major contribution to the decision making process for students about a career choice, and can also serve the needs of higher education and businesses.

The event had even 32 high profile representatives of local, regional and national stakeholders such with different background: schools, VET schools, HEIs, representatives from companies and managing authorities in Kecskemét. Also 4 Piarista Iskola colleagues from management and teachers.

It was a strategic event to put the school and the topic of STEM clubs on the high visibility for decision makers and potential partners.

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