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Project Management and Implementation

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Project Management

During the planning of the budget, it was considered that contacts and functioning communication structures already exist between all the partners. The project financial manager (from the coordinating country) will be responsible for the budget control of the whole project. Financial manager, in collaboration with the main coordinator, manages the financial mechanisms, is responsible for the effective management of funds and for compliance with financial rules. Each organization is responsible to have an accountant who will maintain a project account of the respective organization. This accountant will be responsible for management of allocated fund according to given rules. He/she will closely collaborate with the project coordinator of each organization and with the project financial manager from the coordinating organization. They will be in contact mainly by emails, Skype and by sharing documents in our Google-folder.

Partners have already agreed on different leading parts in project management activities:

  • Overall dissemination (marketing activities) led by T2I

  • Newsletter development (texting and design) led by Solaris

  • Website creation and management led by SBSHRD

  • Social media management (e.g. Facebook) led by SŠ Dugo Selo

  • Visual image creation (logo, poster, templates) led by Piarista Iskola

  • Quality management (Corporate Design forms, evaluation forms meetings etc.) led by SPSCH Pardubice

Project Implementation

In each partner institution, the implementation team will be created. As project management tools we will mainly use regular project team meetings at each partner institutions and individual meetings with individual members of the project team. These meetings will focus on monitoring and enforcement of the schedule/timeline, monitoring project progress and implementation of activities in each organization and on financial management and budget spending, allocation and assessment of tasks, mistake analysis and non-standard situation solutions of the project. Rules for resolving contentious or nonstandard situations will be set during the first core team meeting (October 2020). The financial accounting will be prepared according to the standards defined by the national agency, Erasmus+ Programme Guide and agreed Financial rules. Meetings of the whole team in each organization will be held once a month. Minutes of meetings will be the output. The coordinating organisation will send e-mails to remind the partners of the assignments, and will check up on all the deadlines. For each year, a detailed schedule of activities and assignments is drawn up, so as to make sure everyone understands what has to be done.


Project Implementation

Each partners’ websites will be maintained and regular updated by each organisation respectfully. In addition, a social media presence will be established to allow for a more interactive way of communicating with the external stakeholders. A YouTube channel will give mentors insights into the reasons for creating STEM clubs and let them participate and comment on the created e-learning platform. Whole time for preparing the dissemination materials is covered by the management and implementation budget. All partners will use their related networks, channels to disseminate the project outcomes. See Annex “Dissemination capacity”. Procedures of management and organisation:

  • Risk management and quality management - everyone is required to follow the requested outcome quality, for which he is responsible. Instructions of the project manager and comments of the national team coordinators are quality management tools

  • Project monitoring, change management – the core team is responsible for monitoring the project throughout its implementation. As extraordinary events or emergencies are considered: non-compliance with the schedule and quality, increase in costs for the project implementation

  • Supporting documents and materials for interim financial statement - all partners are responsible for the proper registration of documents that are required to be sent immediately after the implementation of the activity.

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